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WOLF MOON Hand-Embroidered Vintage Denim Jacket

WOLF MOON Hand-Embroidered Vintage Denim Jacket

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There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. 
- George Carlin 

Wolves epitomize the wild spirit and the moon is their power ally.

This is animal medicine you can wear! The back piece -- a celestial desert scene under everyone's favorite power animal nestled in a silver crescent moon) was put together with a variety of hand embroidery and appliqué techniques over many hours of consciously focused and directed energy and intention. The front shoulders are appliquéd with a Southwestern textile, and the faux pockets are finished with two different (yet equally fantastic) Frida Kahlo buttons. 


100% cotton, lightweight denim. Made with Egyptian cotton threads, vintage textiles, handmade buttons and lots of LOVE!

Size medium. Shown on a tall, medium sized human. Wear on a smaller frame for a more oversized fit.

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Custom pieces also available

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