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Sunrise Flight Hand Embroidered Vintage Denim Shirt

Sunrise Flight Hand Embroidered Vintage Denim Shirt

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One of a kind hand stitched western denim.

This is the perfect kind of garment -- easy to wear and built to last! Each stitch was hand embroidered in fine quality Egyptian cotton thread, through many hours of love, energy and intention. 

Inspired by dreams of flying and the mysticism of bird watching

This is a one of a kind creation! This is a well made, 100% cotton classic wash, worn soft, lightweight denim shirt. It was purchased secondhand in great condition from a local business in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco -- supporting both the economic and ecological climates on our planet!

Size women's M/L. Button cuffs and two functional front pockets. 

Care instructions: I suggest hand washing this in cold water for optimum longevity. This could also be dry cleaned if you prefer, but as it is a 100% cotton garment is can get wet (and be ironed!) and I suggest spot washing as needed to extend the lives of garments with heirloom potential. 

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