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Sheela. Eternal Mood. DIY Back Patch

Sheela. Eternal Mood. DIY Back Patch

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A DIY dream! Make the jacket of your wildest fantasies become a living reality with my patches!

Well look who it is! The one and only Ma Anand Sheela.  If you've seen the Netflix series of the year Wild Wild Country, then you already know who she is (if you don't do Netflix or don't want to spend a week of your life watching it, there's a pretty good synopsis here). Here we have Sheela in a botanical paradise bursting with the standard Rajneeshpuram reds and pinks. This patch is basically the most punk thing on the internet right now. 

Perfct for a back patch or on a bag or just on your wall! These large patches are a great and affordable way to get the custom jacket of your dreams. Stay tuned for more in the near future.

10x8 inches

One of a kind. 

Handmade in Haight Ashbury.

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