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Frida Kahlo Jacket

Frida Kahlo Jacket

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The artist Frida Kahlo as wearable art. 

One of a kind totemic denim combining a love of photography and textile arts. Mixed media construction blending appliqué and hand embroidery. All of the floral fabrics and the fabric Frida was transferred onto is reclaimed and reincarnated from scrap fabric and recycled garments. 

Size: Women's medium. 

shoulder to shoulder: 17"
chest: 18"
waist: 18"
height: 22"
sleeve: 24"

While I don't consider flowers to be strictly feminine, I mention this as a "women's" garment because the shape has some slight female tailoring -- just an FYI to any dudes, etc who may be checking this out -- we're about that #totemicdenimforthegenderspectrum life. This is a well constructed, modern manufactured classic Levi's (!!) jean jacket purchased secondhand in great condition from a locally based small business in San Francisco—supporting both the economic and ecological climates on our planet!

Hand washing is suggested for maximum longevity; may be dry cleaned as well. This garment is 100% cotton and stitched quite durably, and with the right care should last to be a funky heirloom! I find that certain parts of jean jackets (cuffs, collars, etc) tend to get dirty first, so my suggestion is to spot wash as needed for optimum lifespan. 

Questions? Feel free to email me at

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