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The Infinite Prism Extra Long Super Rainbow Circle Scarf

The Infinite Prism Extra Long Super Rainbow Circle Scarf

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Like the elusive double rainbow, this circle scarf is SO INTENSE.

I make each of these super happy, insanely colorful, out-of-this-world scarves with a ton of different vintage and modern yarns and crochet these triple thick! The whole scarf is made with 3 balls of yarn (I use more than 20 colors total!) at a time so it is very warm and very chunky. This scarf is made to handle the coldest of wind chills and the darkest of dreary winter days.

Can be worn a ton of different ways to battle the cold, bury your face, play peek-a-boo with the mirror, or when you want to role-play as an actual rainbow. This scarf is EXTRA LONG AND WIDE! About 30% bigger than my regular double rainbow, and can be worn as either a shawl wrapped around the shoulders, as a loose infinity scarf wrapped twice around the neck, or as a blizzard-proof, super chunky cowl when wrapped three times around! 

100% vegan, animal friendly yarn. Soft, machine washable (gentle cycle!), warm dry (it only takes a few minutes!). To keep it lasting the freshest the longest. Spot wash as needed, hand wash when it's serious, and air dry. 

ONE OF A KIND! Each of these is truly one of a kind (no matter how many I make, each one is a lil different), and you can rock it with confidence that you are the only one in the galaxy with one exactly like it!

Made to order, current time is 2-3 weeks.

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