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Dose The Police. Handmade Embroidered Denim Patch.

Dose The Police. Handmade Embroidered Denim Patch.

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Instead of defunding them — let’s just make them take a heroic dose of psilocybin mushrooms alone, in silence, in a dark room.


In all seriousness, this is dedicated to the cop that came to my house in full military tactical gear on a 97 degree day, to deal with my piggy bank having been robbed. He told me he’s very, very interested in doing both ayahuasca and DMT to heal himself, but he was concerned that he could have his brain broken by too many flashbacks of the fucked up shit he’s seen.

Bless his heart.

Lots of hand embroidery on this one of a kind patch on 100% cotton vintage denim.

2x3 inches. Finished with fusible fabric on backside for strength and durability.

Handmade in Rhode Island.
Ready to ship worldwide.

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