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As Above, So Below Embroidered White Denim Jacket

As Above, So Below Embroidered White Denim Jacket

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One of a kind denim jacket. 

I made this using a mix of appliqué and hand embroidery techniques, both my own embroidering and a freehand, intricately detailed embroidered patch by Shipibo women in Peru. My friend Kent spends most of his life there and brings them money from the sale of their art that he sells in California. I met him at a crystal shop on Haight Street and it was quite cosmic. 

Hand washing is suggested for maximum longevity, may be be dry cleaned as well. This garment is 100% cotton and stitched quite durably, and with the right care should last to be a funky heirloom! I find that the cuffs of jean jackets often get dirty first, so my suggestion is to spot wash as needed -- a bleach pen / spot stick could work if rinsed thoroughly and kept off the thread work. 

Size women's x-small/small 

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