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Scorpio Rising Agate Stone Geode Statement Necklace

Scorpio Rising Agate Stone Geode Statement Necklace

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Two glorious agate stone slices in rich shades of the hottest pinks, surrounded by vintage brass chain and delicate vintage moonbeam charms.

Magenta is a color that vibrates to a high frequency. It strengthens contact with your life purpose. Stimulates adrenal glands and cardiovascular system, resonates with the Heart (4th) Chakra.

Esoterically it vibrates to Scorpio-energy- magnetism, attraction, intensity, speed, power, purpose.

Agates have been used for ages as protections stones, known for guarding the wearers from the evil eye, nightmares and other bad juju, while imbuing strength -- it's even known for strengthening gums!

This bad girl is guaranteed to enliven even your most simple of outfits, to elevate your fanciest get ups and to seriously enhance your birthday suit.

Ships in a gift box. Delivery confirmation on all domestic packages and I happily ship worldwide.

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