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Pink Highlighter Acid Trip Cowl
Pink Highlighter Acid Trip Cowl
Pink Highlighter Acid Trip Cowl

Pink Highlighter Acid Trip Cowl

$ 82.00
It's the highlighter acid trip cowl you've been waiting your whole life for! Never be cold and invisible at the same time EVER AGAIN!

I made this scarf super thick, using the bulkiest and most colorful yarn I could find! Using a huge hook while channeling the warmest vibes from the outer regions of the universe, where the weather is pleasant every single day. The result is a scarf that acts as a forcefield that feels like an 80 degree (F) cosmic hug wrapping its heavenly arms around your neck and head.

This thing is ready to rock your world AND punch the polar vortex in BOTH eyes!

ADDED BONUS: this thing will make you WAY LESS likely to be hit by a car if you are walking on or on a bike (or roller skates!) !!

Appropriate adjectives: Chunky, nubby, bright, fuzzy and warm. AKA everything you could ever want in your winter life.

This thing is BIG! Big enough to pull down onto your shoulders and long enough to pull over your head.

This could easily become your new best friend this winter. Sorry in advance to all the old best friends.

Made to order. Will ship out in about a week. All of my knitwear is laundered prior to shipping and arrives to you clean and ready to wear. To keep your scarf in the best shape possible, hand wash as needed and air dry.