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Pink Agate Statement Necklace
Pink Agate Statement Necklace

Pink Agate Statement Necklace

$ 126.00
A statement necklace for the bold.

Prepare to be noticed.

Proceed with caution.

An agate slice in bold swirls of eye popping fuchsia. Mounted on solid brass. Adorned with agate and rose quartz stone beads.

Rose quartz is a powerful stone, known for attracting love and clearing up matters of the heart. Agates have an ancient history of being used as protection amulets, guarding the wearer from bad luck, poor health and negative thoughts.

Agates are renowned strengthening stone. They have been used for ages as protection amulets, known for guarding the wearers from the evil eye, nightmares and other bad juju, while imbuing strength -- it's even known for strengthening gums! Agates work to balance yin/yang energy, and are very grounding when worn. They attract strength and encourage to us to accept our emotions so we can process and move through them.

Accented with unique vintage brass chain links. Easy to use hook clasp.

I happily ship worldwide.