Custom Wearable Art Jacket FAQ

If you're thinking about commissioning me to create an epic custom art jacket for you, I think that could be a really good idea. You probably have some questions. Here are some answers.

How much does a custom art jacket cost?

They generally range from $400-$1000+. It depends on a few factors.

Do you already have a jacket you would like me to work on? (It needs to be non-stretch and 100% cotton like denim or canvas — traditional jean jackets and military jackets work great.) If not, I am happy to source one for you, or you can purchase one online and have it shipped to me. eBay and Etsy are great sources for fabulous vintage denim. The price of a custom jacket will be less if you already have the jacket.

The price will be largely based on the complexity of the design and the number of hours involved in making it. My jackets usually take between 15 and 70+ hours. They are labors of love and an honor for me to make and I don't charge by the hour, but the amount of time they take will influence the price.

The price can also be influenced by the types of materials i will need to source to complete the garment.

But if the idea is for something small, I can make that happen for less, or I can make you a custom patch that you can apply to a jacket yourself. Reach out and we can see what's possible with your concept and budget. 

How long do the jackets take to make?

Multiple weeks. For custom orders i can usually offer a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks after payment, depending on how many other custom orders I have in motion at the time and on jacket availability (whether or not I have the jacket in the requested size already, or if I need to source it or receive it from you). If there is a special occasion that you would like a garment for, please reach out to me and I'll see if I can make it happen.

Can I see a sketch or a mockup before you start?

No (sorry). My process involves immersing myself in both the theme and my stockpile of unusual fabrics and threads. It can take hours and sometimes days for the plan to unfold. I'm often pretty deep in the zone and surrounded by materials before I figure out the exact design, so I won't have a mockup to share ahead of time. But if you want to commit to this transaction I'll commit to producing something epic and one of a kind for you in a reasonable amount of time. And I'm always open to ideas before I go in!

Do you make other custom stuff? Could you help give new life to something I already own and love?

Yes! I'll link to some repairs and embroidery I've done on jeans and sweatshirts soon.

Do you make custom patches?

Yes, sometimes. Feel free to send me a request and I'll see what I can do. 

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, i am happy to offer payment plans. I know that this is a significant amount of money for many people and I am honored to receive it in exchange for making you an heirloom-quality piece of wearable art. I begin working on a project after i have been paid in full. 

Email me with any questions: ✌️