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Whoa I can blog from the mobile site 🙀

I’ve been cursing the Shopify gods for not having a blog feature on the app, but tonight I figured out I can do it from the mobile site! Right now I’m in the bathtub (living dangerously with this expensive toy) and thinking about which pictures of my dog I’m going to plaster all over this thing 🤔🤓😍 (btw those two random memes that snuck in on Buddy’s hashtag are kind of amazing in that RI cringe type of way 😩🤪😖)

Also: I hope this thing supports emojis. I really love emojis. 

Also (part 2): this photo is something random I took at a park in San Francisco full of this one man’s beautiful hand carved art. This one struck me because 1. I love Jesus 2. I love wood. 3. I love art. 4. These flowers were really poppin’. 

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