Custom Patches

Custom Patches

One of my best/favorite patrons requested a Laraaji back patch.



I decided to make two, since I was in a batch of patches flow and figured everyone likes options. I think I'll make a couple of the top ones for the shop.  

Back patches are a great option if you want a custom jacket, but one is currently out of budget ("currently out of budget" is a great way to retrain your brain from thinking "that's too much" or "I can't afford that" -- poverty mindset hacks are serious and necessary) OR if you are working on your own epic DIY jacket with a mix of patches. Personally I like the idea of hyper-personalization, and I think this is an awesome way to gift someone a jacket that YOU kind of made! 

Want a custom patch or jacket? Drop me a line anytime! or click any of the links on my patch listings. 

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