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Custom Malcolm X Jacket Number Two

Rocky of Wolffoot and Bearpaw saw the custom Malcolm X jacket I did for my friend Miles, and just had to have one of her own! So I made a version 2.0:

Custom embroidered Malcolm X jacket by Larkin and Larkin

I made this with a vintage Gap denim jacket sourced from a local secondhand shop, beautiful textiles from Earth Majesty and some other bits 'n' pieces -- including the band on Malcolm's crown from a vintage vest that Mountain Girl Clothing sent me. it takes a village to make a jacket, y'all!

If YOU would like a custom jacket (or whatever) send me an email ( or fill out this form! I can work with whatever your budget is and I would love to make your totemic clothing fantasies come true ✨👖✨



  • Tonya Jackson-White

    Cam u create one of granddaughter and I pic

  • Mari Green

    Hey Larkin!
    I’d love a custom jacket made!
    Maybe something moon inspired :)

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