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Amazing Beautiful Stories of Jackets That Found Their Perfect Human Part 1

At the Haight Ashbury Street Fair this year, a dad came in to my booth and was drawn to this jacket for his teenage daughter. He went to the ATM and came back and told me how much he appreciated it and purchased it.

I was thinking, "what a righteous dad, man -- that girl is lucky to have him."

At the end of the day I got home from one of the craziest show days ever and the dad had emailed me telling me that somehow he still had his cash -- my boyfriend and I each thought the other had taken the cash and the guy was so taken by the moment himself that it was overlooked by all of us! But he wrote to me asking how he could get me the funds immediately -- what a righteous dad, man! 

Keep keepin' it cosmic! 

X0X0 - Larkin

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